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Testimonials About Our Equine Hoof Care

Ensure your horse can compete at a top level with our professional equine hoof care. Hear what others have to say about our cracked hoof treatment services.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tom Curl for well over 20 years. When it comes to repairing quarter cracks and correcting the predisposing problems, there is simply no one better. Professional, effective and a pleasure to work with, Tom is an "artist" when it comes to quarter crack repair and I can recommend him without reservation as someone who will solve the problem and return any horse affected by quarter cracks to soundness.

: Geoff Vernon D.V.M., M.R.C.V.S.
Los Angeles, California

Quarter cracks are some of the most difficult soundness cases we encounter in the horse. For me, knowledge and experience is the key, and I don't know of anyone who has more experience and success on these difficult cases than Tom Curl. With his experience, Tom knows what to do. With his knowledge and exceptional technique, he knows how to do it and how to do it right. Tom will then also take each case on, as "his own" and follow up on it until the end.

Tom and I have worked closely together as a team on several of these exceptionally difficult cases. Together we have utilized digital radiography, regional antibiotic limb perfusion, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cold salt water hydrotherapy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and Tom's skilled suturing and rebuilding to bring these cases to a successful conclusion (in other words, a sound horse).
As I said, Knowledge and experience is the key, and to me, that means Tom Curl.

: Peter A. Kazakevicius DVM
Ocala, Florida

I have been a horse trainer for a number of US and Canadian world class riders for over 30 years. During that period, I have used Tom Curl’s services to repair “Quarter Cracks” on three different occasions. Each time the results were excellent and I can’t emphasize enough what an expert he is in this field! In addition, I have recommended Tom to several other riders, again with huge success!

: Juergen von Buttlar
Cedar Valley, Ontario, Canada

Tom Curl has helped solve some of our most serious hoof issues.

He’s been an asset to our organization since 1996.

:Todd Pletcher
Todd Pletcher Racing Stables
Belmont Park, NY
7-Time Eclipse Award Champion Trainer
10-Time Leading American Trainer By Money Earned
Current Leading U.S. Trainer for 2017 - Equibase

I have used Tom on numerous times to patch and lace Quarter Cracks. His precision, attention to detail, and knowledges outstanding. He does an impeccable job and has kept my horses sound and in the show ring. The quality of his work is second to none!

: Courtney Goldstein
Braemer Road Llc. Hunter/jumpers
Savannah, Ga.

Tom Curl has helped some of the best horsemen in the world on racing’s biggest days with his quarter crack acumen and sound horsemanship skills. His patchwork is known throughout the racing and the sport horse world. His ability to see the big picture for a horses long term hoof health is an asset to anyone involved with these amazing animals.

: Michael W. McCarthy
Michael McCarthy Racing Stables
Santa Anita Park
Arcadia, California

After struggling with a horse with a quarter crack for 4 years, I called Tom. And wish I had done it 4 years sooner. He did an unbelievable job on a tricky horse that no one else had been able to help. If I ever have any other difficult shoeing issues he will be my first phone call. His work makes horses pain free and it’s really a work of art.

: Erin M. Walker
 Owner / Rider
 PGA Tour Wife
San Antonio, Texas