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Quarter Crack Seminar


Tom Curl began shoeing horses in 1972, and throughout the years he kept improving his skills and and knowledge that led is clients to numerous World and National titles in the AQHA, APHA, Show Jumpers, Show Hunters, Dressage, Thoroughbred Racing, Standardbred Racing, Breeders Cup Champions and numerous Horses of The Year in multiple breeds in 14 countries around the world. Tom’s farrier work is directly associated with approximately $ 38 million dollars in winnings. Tom has been a featured speaker at AFA Conventions and International Hoof Care Summits. He was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame in 2006. Tom is considered one of the Worlds leading authorities in Quarter Crack Repair and Patching.

This Specialized Farrier class on Quarter Crack Repair and Patching has never been offered before. You will be shown all the techniques, procedures and materials used by Tom in the various sport horses where he patches cracks.

The wet lab, will have you using the various methods you learn, to successfully lace and patch Quarter Cracks at this Seminar. This specialized class will be held in Vero Beach, Fl on the following dates:

January 23,24 2021

Please complete the contact information below, and you will be emailed the class registration, schedule and all travel information. Classes are limited, so reserve your spot.